Ciara Winkelmann, Redhead, Left handed, Irish, that’s Me!

My past.

I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil and by the time I was in a school uniform I could whip up a Disney Goofy poster at the drop of a hat. Schultz’s Peanuts was my staple diet and without doubt ‘VIZ’ and ‘MAD’ magazines brought me through my last days in school. Mr. Magoo and his creator, Harry Hess inspired me to want to see my drawings move. So, at the age of 17 I enrolled in NCAD College of Art & Design, in Dublin to learn the art of animation. A career in Advertising as an Art Director interrupted this path and I never managed to find my way back. Sixteen years later and after advertising perfected my storyboard style, I finally launched out to a brief-free, clean white page of my own!

My present.

Quentin Blake is someone I am determined to meet in person so that I can tell him he is a genius. I have followed the amazing career of the great Oliver Jeffers from the moment he stepped into the limelight with his stunning illustrated picture book ‘How to catch a star’. ‘Ish’ or ‘Dot’ by Peter Reynolds are picture books I keep by my side at all times as they keep me focused on what makes a great picture book. Finally, my role as a Mom introduced me to Michael Morpurgo and he took my kids and I on some journey’s beyond our wildest dreams.

I wake up every morning excited by the fact I am a –wanna be Children’s picture book illustrator- and I know the journey getting there will be my best time!

My future.

A classic, globally published Children’s picture book on the shelves of every book store with two more in production and my best idea yet, on my drawing board!

©2013 Ciara Winkelmann