For the love of …

love-of-fabradoodlesWhen I see a world full of hate, it is not just a JOY for me to create these creatures bursting with Love, but it is entirely essential.

Fabadoodles – Irish Style!


Paddy's Day backdrop2Pádraig is a terrier and a right rascal but he is also a true gentleman. With a special sense of Irish style and charm Pádraig only has to look your way and you’ll fall under his spell!


Silly Sausage, personal bodyguard to Dame Daisy has met his perfect match. One can tell they see eye to eye on everything.Silly and DachsWill the Dame loose her ‘Silly’ protector for good or can she find some courage and show that a great Dame can be brave?

Gentle Giant

This Dame is an anxious Fabadoodle that fears her own shadow. Everyone assumes her size makes her fearless but she is just a gentle giant who relies on her best mate to help her not to panic.Dame Daisy1Dame Daisy is however concerned because her sole mate is a little distracted from his duty of care lately.


What does an illustrator do when asked to produce their Biog?

Me Biog

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