Stake our Domain

stake-your-domainWhen it comes to securing ones patch on the World Wide Web it’s important to own your domain. For this reason alone CIARA WINKELMANN ILLUSTRATIONS has dropped an ‘r’ and added the ‘doggies’ to give her pretty patterned pooches their very own space.

Brand new imagery for 2017

SCBWI Ireland’s new image reflects a strong personality in a global society. new-brand-design-work‘Reading Child’ design for SCBWI Ireland.

SCBWI Ireland


As a proud and active member of SCBWI Ciara Winkelmann has been appointed Ireland’s new Illustrator Coordinator, supporting our superb Regional Advisor Colleen Jones.


Our year started with a request to create imagery for NorthDoc, an out of hours medical service. It was fun and liberating so here’s a brief peek!northdoc-ill-1northdoc-ill-2northdoc-ill-3CIARAWINKELMANN ILLUSTRATIONS ©️Copyright 2017

Mascot Aran

BC Fabradoodle AronAran is my most traditional Irish fabadoodle to date. The history of the Aran Sweater goes back a long way in our culture with great meaning given to the stitches that go into creating the individual Clan jumpers. Aran’s coat reflects the Honeycomb stitch for Luck and Prosperity and the Cable for Friendship and Love. She is dedicated to my special Book Club Ladies who keep me centred on all things literary.

What’s the motivation?

Bull DoggieI don’t know why I create my patterned pooches but I do know I feel love and happiness when I see them appear on my page. I need to show my Fabadoodles and hope everyone feels the love & happiness too.

Doggie Drawing blitzThank You Ms.Vaughan & Ms. Doyle  for an exquisite Expo of your 3rd Class, Bunscoil Loreto, Gorey, Doggie Doodles. Precious. X

Living the Dream!

Fabradoodles on tourNational Children’s Book Festival 2016 Fabadoodle Tour. Over 150 children from County Wexford got to meet my Fabadoodles and talk about famous illustrated dogs in children’s books. We laughed, sighed, giggled and doodled together until it was time to go home. Dame Daisy managed to keep her nerves in check and the pups were on their best behaviour!

A truly great Dame.

Dame Daisy MASTER

The Great Dame Daisy is leading the charge to Wexford for the Children’s Book Festival 2016. My Fabadoodles will be on their best behaviour while visiting all the Libraries of the county as they discuss famous illustrated Dogs. A pet subject!

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