ME, myself and I.

The ME's‘ME’, ‘Flowery ME’, ‘St. Patrick’s Day ME’ and new ‘Easter ME’, where do I go from here! When I drew my ‘ME’ for my facebook profile little did I know I was creating a character in her own right. There is something special when one of my creations takes on a life of her own!

2015 Easter ME

Happy Halloween

Halloween thinker

My little pumpkin has a lot to think about. It’s that time of year where one gets to be something they’re not!


Poppy JPEG

One of the things I enjoy most about creating each of my ‘fabadoodles’ is the inspiration for their colorful coats comes from a very personal place. My latest Pet has been inspired by my daughter’s favorite summer top given to her for her birthday from a best friend. Working with ‘Poppy’ means I’ll never have a dull day!

Family photo 2014


Family photo JPEGHunter, Berry, Silly Sausage, Great Dame Daisy, Winkelwomann, Dottie, Dawn & Woolly One.

Dog Day Heaven!

PR FAB-DOODLE GRAPHICThere are days when I don’t know what I’m doing or why I’m doing it. Then there are days I just do! I say to my kids “I don’t care what you choose to do when you grow up so long as it makes you HAPPY”.

Dottie and all your fabadoodle mates, you make me HAPPY!

New fabadoodle ‘Dawn’

Fab DawnA new ‘Dawn’, a new day at CIARA WINKELMANN ILLUSTRATIONS. This latest fabadoodle brings a summertime feel with her bright, leaf green check pattern. There have been big changes at CWI headquarters with a long awaited house paint & decorate face lift. The arrival of my new work desk and a move to the opposite side of the room has shone a whole new light on the creative works! ‘Dawn‘ is a fitting name for my first fabadoodle created since moving because she represents a fresh start & a new day for Winkelwoman @ CIARA WINKELMANN ILLUSTRATIONS!