Sleepy Beauty

For the love of …

love-of-fabradoodlesWhen I see a world full of hate, it is not just a JOY for me to create these creatures bursting with Love, but it is entirely essential.

Best Friends Forever

Beauty & Dottie really stick together

My Soft dogs need to get out for a good run everyday. Dottie & Beauty run the hill together rain, hail or shine. Every morning they meet all their Soft dog pals but what they love best is to run together til they’re ready to go home.

Beauty’s very first sleepover

Beauty with friend in her mouth JPEGSleepy Beauty is making sure Pillow-Pet comes with her on their first ever sleepover. There’s no chance of feeling homesick staying over with Dottie because she has been Beauty’s best buddy since they were pups. Still, better to be safe than sorry and Pillow-Pet will make sure Beauty gets a good nights sleep.

A special beauty

Sleepy Beauty 3 Ciara's 2ndScanSleepy Beauty is my first Soft Dog illustration and she is very special to me.

Sleepy Beauty 2 Ciara's scanAs I watch her turning over for another snooze,

Sleepy Beauty 1 Ciara's 2ndScanI wonder what she’s dreaming of?