Smug webpage

Smug is easy going, doesn’t look for much & is always satisfied with her lot.

Berry webpage

Berry stands out from the rest with her stylish coat!

Beauty webpage

My little Beauty melts my heart.

Silly webpage

Silly may be the smallest but he is the smartest for sure.

A truly great Dame.

Dame Daisy MASTER

The Great Dame Daisy is leading the charge to Wexford for the Children’s Book Festival 2016. My Fabadoodles will be on their best behaviour while visiting all the Libraries of the county as they discuss famous illustrated Dogs. A pet subject!

For the love of …

love-of-fabradoodlesWhen I see a world full of hate, it is not just a JOY for me to create these creatures bursting with Love, but it is entirely essential.


Silly Sausage, personal bodyguard to Dame Daisy has met his perfect match. One can tell they see eye to eye on everything.Silly and DachsWill the Dame loose her ‘Silly’ protector for good or can she find some courage and show that a great Dame can be brave?

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