fabadoodle doggies

Fabadoodles – Irish Style!


Paddy's Day backdrop2Pádraig is a terrier and a right rascal but he is also a true gentleman. With a special sense of Irish style and charm Pádraig only has to look your way and you’ll fall under his spell!

What’s in a name?

It’s approaching 2 years since I christened my first Soft Dog drawings. I believe branding my fast growing collection of vibrant characters creates a stronger more unique identity.



Copyright  2015 Ciara Winkelmann.

Fabulous fabric patterned, Ciara doggie doodles. A brand that is growing!

My Soft Dog and Me!

I’ve heard it said that owners begin to look like their pet and ‘Zigzag’ is my true pet. Becoming one with the fabadoodle canine breed has brought me perfect companionship.

Fabadoodles go West!

My Fabadoodle Doggies are a continuous source of joy to me.Lovies in the flowers fbCut-outs of my two pet ‘Lovies’ were dispatched to the West of Ireland last week to be with my daughter who was spending her first ever time away from home. They gave her love and smiles and that brought me Joy.

Dog Day Heaven!

PR FAB-DOODLE GRAPHICThere are days when I don’t know what I’m doing or why I’m doing it. Then there are days I just do! I say to my kids “I don’t care what you choose to do when you grow up so long as it makes you HAPPY”.

Dottie and all your fabadoodle mates, you make me HAPPY!

Once upon a time…

In the beginning it all started with a simple pencil drawing of a cute pink pinstripe doggie called “Beauty”. She inspired me to go on to create many pencil doggie drawings that have come together as an all new Irish doggie doodle breed.CWI Website fabradoodle talesMy fabadoodle picture book stories are for every family that love colours, cuteness and laughter. Lots of laughter.

A new doodle day!

My Soft dog illustrations are a pure mix of eye-catching fabric prints and soft pencil doggie doodles.Fab doodle 4A combination that’s producing new, unique Irish ‘Designer’ doodles that seem to win the hearts of all.Fab doodle 5There are Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Aussiedoodles, Boxerdoodles, Dalmadoodles, Sheepadoodles, Schnoodles and Whoodles. They are all a great mix of two pure breeds. Bringing together the best of both.Fab doodle 3‘Soft dogs’ bring a new mix of fabulous graphic vibrancy & individual doodle drawing expression …Fab doodle 2… and the “fabadoodle” is born.collection of soft dog fabradoodles JPEG