Ciara’s doodles

Stake our Domain

stake-your-domainWhen it comes to securing ones patch on the World Wide Web it’s important to own your domain. For this reason alone CIARA WINKELMANN ILLUSTRATIONS has dropped an ‘r’ and added the ‘doggies’ to give her pretty patterned pooches their very own space.


What does an illustrator do when asked to produce their Biog?

Me Biog

A new voice.

Goldfish 3 with bubbles

I think he might sing opera or something of that kind. A clever pet like my fish is really hard to find.


Title B

I have something to tell you,

Fish 1 in bowl

It’s the most amazing thing.

fish 2 in bowl

I have a pet goldfish,

Fish 3 in bowl

And really he can sing!

Winkelwomann illustrates

Quality fish n bubbles

I have decided to stop trying to find my ‘voice’ and just draw. For me, some images are more about the concept than the visual.

Making my mark!

The great Oliver Jeffers said “It all starts with the pencil and imagination.”

Pencil collective

Shortly after I became a new member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) I met the wonderful Colleen Cailin Jones, Ireland’s Regional Advisor. She has encouraged me to get involved and discover a network that supports and encourages anyone with an active interest in children’s literature from picture books to young adult novels.

SCBWI Ireland EAST Social 6th June

ME, myself and I.

The ME's‘ME’, ‘Flowery ME’, ‘St. Patrick’s Day ME’ and new ‘Easter ME’, where do I go from here! When I drew my ‘ME’ for my facebook profile little did I know I was creating a character in her own right. There is something special when one of my creations takes on a life of her own!

2015 Easter ME

Ciara’s Doodle!

Ciara doodle

Rosie and I met the most handsome Retriever-Doodle called Dudley on our walk this morning. He inspired me to make my own Ciara-Doodle!