Dottie webpage

The Best Furry Friend any fabadoodle could have is this polka dot pooch.

Daisy webpage

Dame Daisy lords it over her fabadoodle friends as she is the height of sophistication!

Smug webpage

Smug is easy going, doesn’t look for much & is always satisfied with her lot.

Hunter webpage

Brave, curious & hungry to learn, Hunter lives life to the full.

Berry webpage

Berry stands out from the rest with her stylish coat!

Beauty webpage

My little Beauty melts my heart.

Silly webpage

Silly may be the smallest but he is the smartest for sure.

Ciara Winkelmann Creates

fab-new-breed-on-block-posterThere are many famous illustrated dogs in children’s literature, from Lassie to Hairy McClairy, Spot and Snoopy to name just a few. Many of these exceptional creatures inspired Ciara Winkelmann to create, not just one character canine but a whole new breed! Fabadoodles are pretty patterned pooches that experience life through their everyday adventures and make extraordinary friendships along the way.

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